Talent Culture Bundle
Two Great Resources.
Supercharge your Employee Experience.


Resources for your team.

We are happy to partner with the kind folks at Talent Culture to provide you some free resources that are designed to help People teams do more with less. 

Resource #1:
80+ Internal Comms Templates



You're asked to send an update on behalf of the exec team. Or looking to celebrate a holiday. Or share comms around the introduction of a new tool. Don't start from scratch!




This free resource brings together 80+ templates to get you started and saving time.




Feel inspired by best practices as you share comms like:

  • Company Newsletters and Announcements.
  • HR Updates
  • Executive team news
  • Activate an employee referral program
  • Launch DE&I programs
  • Celebrate global and regional holidays
  • Share department and workplace updates
  • ...+ much much more!

Resource #2: Employee Journey Mapping Guide



Businesses that have earned a reputation for being a great place to work treat their employees like customers. What if you did too?

We walk you through the process of journey mapping to help you design a world-class experience through the lens of the employee onboarding process.

Use this to align your internal stakeholders on the ideal onboarding process and imagine a shared future state with the customer - the new employee - in mind.

Completing this successfuly puts you in a great position to revamp your onboarding process and continue looking at other moments that matter in the employee journey.



At Cleary, we love partnering with the folks who are at the fore-front of creating tomorrow's best places to work. Stay in touch for more resources like this.