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You're asked to send an update on behalf of the exec team.
Or looking to celebrate a holiday. Or share comms around the introduction of a new tool. Don't start from scratch!

This free brandable resource brings together 80+ templates to get you started and saving time.

Feel inspired by best practices as you share comms like:
- Company Newsletters and Announcements.
- HR Updates
- Executive team news
- Activate an employee referral program
- Launch DE&I programs
- Celebrate global and regional holidays
- Share department and workplace updates
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Internal Comms Templates Preview

CEO Press Feature

New Policy Agreement

Employee Benefit Announcement

Mental Health Awareness Month

Master Internal Communications with Cleary Templates

Unlock a World of Over 80 Expertly Curated Templates

Embark on a journey of enhanced communication within your organization with Cleary Templates. Our comprehensive eBook provides over 80 templates, each meticulously designed to meet a wide array of communication needs.

🌐 Broad Spectrum of Categories

Our eBook encompasses diverse categories, including newsletters, HR communications, company-wide announcements, and special observance templates. This range ensures you have the appropriate template for every internal communication scenario, from routine updates to significant announcements.

🎉 Cultural Celebrations and Special Events

Celebrate inclusivity and diversity with templates crafted for various cultural observances and events. Acknowledge and honor important dates like International Women’s Day, Pride Month, and heritage months, fostering a workplace environment that values diversity and inclusion.

🚀 Employee Engagement and Advocacy

Elevate employee engagement with templates designed to inspire participation and advocacy. These templates help build a cohesive community within your organization, enhancing the sense of belonging and collective responsibility.

📈 Operational and HR Communications

Stay ahead in operational efficiency and HR matters with specialized templates. Communicate critical updates like policy changes, performance reviews, and employee benefits effectively, ensuring your team is well-informed and aligned.

🎨 Customization and Adaptability

Each template in our collection is designed for easy customization, allowing you to infuse your unique brand identity into every communication. This adaptability makes our templates a versatile asset for any organization, irrespective of size or industry.

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